People Actually Think Hillary Clinton Asked Putin For Photos Of His Pecs

Jimmy Kimmel made up ridiculous emails from Clinton and asked people on the street about them. Everyone accused her of being dishonest -- and then lied.

WASHINGTON -- The American people are outraged by revelations that Hillary Clinton used her private email address to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin for photos of his pecs while she was secretary of state.

And that time she used her email account to accept Osama bin Laden's request to connect on LinkedIn? And sent Edible Arrangements to herself to make all the other women in her office jealous? Sad.

Here's the thing: None of those emails actually exist. The producers at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" made them all up. But when the show asked random people on the streets of Los Angeles about those details amid the otherwise unremarkable dump of Clinton emails this week, people angrily claimed that all of those things did happen -- and most said they'd actually seen the emails.

"Nothing about her surprises me" said one woman, who was asked if she'd heard Clinton had emailed the band Sugar Ray to tell them her favorite song is "I Just Wanna Fly."

"Mmmhmm," she replied, when asked if she saw that email. "I'm a trustworthy person."

One guy said he "heard about" Clinton sending Edible Arrangements to herself, but didn't feel bad for her.

"It's Hillary Clinton. I mean, all she does is lie," he said. Asked if he ever lies, the man said, "I don't. No, never." 

He said he saw those emails, though: "Yeah, I did."

Another woman said she'd heard about Clinton forwarding inappropriate Bill Cosby jokes to Putin. (Q: "How many Bill Cosbys does it take to screw in a light bulb?" A: "It depends on how fucked up the light bulb is.")

"I heard about the jokes," the woman said. "I did not see them."

When asked if she saw the emails that showed Clinton accepting bin Laden's LinkedIn request, she directly addressed the camera: "Hillary, you know you call yourself a Christian, you call yourself a believer -- but the problem is, you don't practice it because you're living this lie and you need to turn yourself in."

"You should not live a lie?" the interviewer prompted.

"You should not live a lie," she affirmed.

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