Hillary Clinton Explains How ‘Women’s Issues’ Are Men’s Issues, Too

"It’s a good thing we women aren’t afraid of hard work. Because we have some hard work to do."

Hillary Clinton believes that the issues that matter to women should matter to everyone. 

In an op-ed for SheKnows, Clinton explained how so-called "women's issues" like child care, equal pay and paid family leave are actually family and economic issues that all Americans should be paying attention to.

"Every single one of these 'women’s' issues is a men's issue, too," Clinton wrote. "Men want their kids to get the best possible care. Plenty of dads want to stay home to bond with their new babies. Lots of sons are taking care of aging parents."


 The Presidential hopeful went on to emphasize how other issues, like the minimum wage, education reform, health care and equal rights affect women and families. She credited the women working to champion these causes, and told readers "I know what it’s like to be underestimated because of my gender."

Clinton closed the essay with a call to arms, encouraging women to stand up for what they believe in. 

"It’s a good thing we women aren’t afraid of hard work," Clinton wrote. "Because we have some hard work to do."

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