Hillary Clinton Reveals How She Was Once Fired From A Job

"They literally kicked me out of that job."

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday said that she was once fired from an Alaskan fishing cannery.

In an appearance on NBC's "Today Show," the presidential hopeful described how, after college, she worked in Valdez, Alaska. The particular job required her to clean the insides of the salmon, which she described as "green and black, and they looked horrible."

Her fellow workers, who spoke only Japanese, complained that she was too slow, Clinton said.  

"They literally kicked me out of that job, and put me on conveyer belt," she added. 

After Clinton started asking questions about the cleanliness of the fish with the manager, she was again let go.
"He just yelled at me. When I came back next day, they were gone," she said of the cannery.
The presidential candidate has shared the story before, in theSkimm newsletter in July.
Hillary Clinton