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Hillary Clinton Wears Green Blouse Amidst White-Shirted Honorees At G20 Meeting (PHOTOS)

Hillary Clinton must have missed the memo when she appeared for this group photo at the G20 Ministers of Foreign Affairs informal meeting in Mexico over the weekend.

Mrs. Clinton is spending three days in the resort town of Los Cabos (hey, it's a tough job...) to foster discussions on fiscal and trade policies with representatives from 20 of the world's leading economies.

True to her sartorial form, she opted for bright colors, ditching her new favorite, Chanel-esque suits for a lime green blouse. The secretary of state also sported one of her trademark headbands

But something was wrong with Hillary's standby look this time around.

Namely, the foreign ministers (all except the former first lady!) decided to wear tropical weather-ready white cotton shirts, making for one hilarious group photo.

To her credit, Hillary didn't seem fazed, laughing with her colleagues as the photographers snapped away. Own it, Hills!