Joe Scarborough: Hillary Clinton Leads The 'Most Elite,' 'Gatsby-Like Existence' Of Any Politician

Hillary Clinton leads the “most Gatsby-like existence” of any politician today, MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough said during his show Monday.

Discussing Mitt Romney’s recent attempts to paint himself as a populist leader, Scarborough said that the former Massachusetts governor may not have to worry about looking too elite next to Clinton, if the pair are indeed pitted against each other during next year’s presidential election.

“Hillary Clinton has just as many billionaire friends, and has led over the past 25 years the most elite, the most insular, the most Gatsby-like existence of any person in the political world today,” Scarborough said. “Her friends are at Davos, her friends are at Goldman Sachs. I mean, Hillary Clinton, when she said we’re not really that rich -- do you know why she said that? Because everybody she hangs out with are billionaires.”

During a speech at the Republican National Committee's winter meeting earlier this month, Romney, who appears to be eyeing a third run for president, said he plans to make poverty and income inequality the cornerstones of his campaign.

“Under President [Barack] Obama, the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty than ever before,” Romney said. “Under this president, his policies have not worked. Their liberal policies are good every four years for a campaign, but they don’t get the job done.”

Romney may have a difficult time convincing the general public that this latest reinvention is genuine, however.

“The problem for Romney is that he is regarded by many, at least today, as a wealthy plutocrat primarily concerned with feathering the nests of his affluent friends," The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza noted earlier this month. "Romney might have the right message -- frustration and anxiety over income inequality is everywhere in the country -- but he seems like a uniquely poor messenger to carry it."



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