Hillary Clinton Decides The World Is Wide Enough For Both 'Hamilton' And The Rest Of Her Speech

"Hamilton" fan Hillary Clinton takes the stage.
"Hamilton" fan Hillary Clinton takes the stage.

It’s 2016 and she was talking about the founding fathers, so Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had to do it. She was not willing to wait for it. She could not throw away her shot. 

She name-checked “Hamilton.” 

“Though ‘we may not live to see the glory,’ as the song from the musical ‘Hamilton’ goes, ‘let us gladly join the fight,’” Clinton said in her speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. “Let our legacy be about ‘planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.’”

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and starred in the Tony Award-winning musical, seemed pleased. 

Clinton has seen the Broadway show multiple times, and the Hillary Victory Fund held a $2,700-per-seat fundraiser there earlier this month.