Hillary Clinton Intervenes In Conan O'Brien-Cory Booker Feud (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Intervenes In Conan O'Brien-Cory Booker Feud (VIDEO)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance last night on the "Tonight Show," intervening in the Conan O'Brien/Cory Booker feud that's been festering over the past week and a half.

It all started when Conan joked that Booker was setting up a program to improve the health of his city's residents by giving them "a bus ticket out of Newark." Then Booker responded in a YouTube video in which he bragged about his city, then brought down the hammer: "I'm also mayor of the city with one of the largest airports in the United States...I'm officially putting you on the Newark New jersey Airport No Fly List. Try JFK buddy." Conan then shot back saying, "We're located only five minutes from Burbank Airport, which (in case you didn't know) you are now banned from." And it just went on from there.

Last night in her official capacity of secretary of state, Hillary Clinton staged an intervention to make peace between the men saying, "The time has come to make peace. Let's just chalk it up to Conan's head injury and be done with this whole mess. Then you can end this silly feud and you can go back to what you both do best. For Mayor Booker that means leading Newark toward a new era of growth and prosperity. For Conan that means dancing around the stage and making lame jokes about my pantsuits." (Her part starts 1:15 into the video.)


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