Hillary Clinton Is Bought and Paid For. Who Her "VP Pick" Will Be Is Irrelevant

It's hard to take Bernie Sanders' majestic "political revolution" seriously when Sanders seems desperate to find any excuse to support Hillary -- the human embodiment of everything he loathes, or so we're told -- at the Democratic convention in July. Just listen to Sanders' "warning" to Hillary Clinton about finding an appropriate running mate, which of course changes everything:

"That means having a candidate who can excite working families, excite young people, bring them into the political process, create a large voter turnout," Sanders told Chuck Todd.

The Vermont senator was adamant that Clinton pick a hardline progressive for vice president if she successfully secures the Democratic nomination for president. This could help her appeal to the supporters who have flocked to Sanders' campaign during the primary.

Is this real life? For the last few months Sanders has been (rightfully) pointing out that Hillary Clinton is bought and paid for by the monied interests that are making America increasingly awful. And what will remedy the fact that the Clintons and the DNC are rotten to the core? A token progressive running mate! Someone who (maybe) doesn't want to bomb Iran every day will finally be president (of the Senate)!

Guys, do you remember the legendary Kevin Kline political romcom, Dave? Of course you do. And do you remember the vice president from that film, the "boy scout" who was sent on goodwill tours of Africa while a naive Kevin Kline and his corrupt political handlers made a mockery of our beautiful democracy? A Hillary Clinton presidency will be like Dave, only there will be no Sigourney Weaver, so it will be infinitely worse.

Who will be Clinton's VP pick? Tim Kaine? Deval Patrick? Julián Castro? Amy Klobuchar? It doesn't matter. The idea that Clinton -- a power-hungry sociopath -- would share her power as president is a bad joke. Her VP will be busy doing very important progressive things such as graciously accepting a ceremonial Baltic herring from the Finnish royal family. In Finland. Far, far away from an American legislative chamber where actual progressives belong. Hillary Clinton knows this and is already laughing at you and me.

If Bernie Sanders thinks that a "progressive" VP pick will make Hillary Clinton "more attractive" to independents and other level-headed Americans, the vast majority of whom despise her, he's out to brunch. And so is his so-called "political revolution".

Let's stop speculating about token VP candidates, and focus on preventing Moloch from taking the White House -- again, for the 44th time.