Hillary Clinton Recalls Joe Biden's Opposition To Osama Bin Laden Raid

While speaking at a gathering of the National Association of Convenience Stores on Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton subtly jabbed at Vice President Joe Biden over his opposition to the 2011 Osama bin Laden raid.

Tuesday's gathering was an off-the-record event prohibiting social media, audio recording, photography, and writing about or videotaping the gathering. But Rep. Tom Taylor (R-Ga.), who attended the event, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Clinton spent several minutes responding to a question on bin Laden's raid.

“She took the rest of the time and went over, answering that question,” Taylor said. “She was ready to speak on that.”

Taylor noted that Clinton repeatedly emphasized Biden's resistance to the raid, in contrast to her and then-CIA Director Leon Panetta's support for it.

“I know she’s running for president now, because toward the end, she was asked about the Osama bin Laden raid. She took 25 minutes to answer,” Taylor told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Without turning the knife too deeply, she put it to Biden.”

Although Biden has spoken openly about his reservations leading up to the raid that resulted in bin Laden's death, Clinton's emphasis on their differing positions may be an early strategic move against her most formidable 2016 opponent. Both Biden and Clinton are considered top 2016 Democratic presidential contenders, although neither has publicly announced a decision about the campaign.



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