Hillary Clinton: Being Vice President Is Like Being First Lady

Hillary Compares VP Job To First Lady

Joe Biden may need to keep his mouth shut and support President Obama, according to Hillary Clinton.

“Being a vice president is kind of like being a first lady,” she told the New York Times' Mark Leibovich. “You are there to support and serve the president. There is no job description.”

Leibovich's piece explores the political firestorm that erupted after Biden said Sunday that he is "absolutely comfortable" with same-sex marriage. The White House rushed to walk back the remarks, maintaining that both Biden and Obama are "still evolving" on the issue of marriage equality.

It was not the first time Biden was reminded that what he says will be attributed to the president, and some voters who worry he is an unpredictable mouthpiece won't let go of the notion that Obama could ditch Biden and put Clinton on the 2012 ticket.

Clinton has repeatedly dismissed VP rumors. Last month she told Wolf Blitzer that becoming Obama's running mate was "more than unlikely."

"I'm very confident about the outcome of this election and as I've said many times, I think Joe Biden -- who's a dear friend of ours -- has served our country and served the President very well," she said. "And so I'm out of politics, but I'm very supportive of the team that we have in the White House going forward."

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