Hillary Clinton Laughs Off Bolton Criticism (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Laughs Off Bolton Criticism (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton vigorously defended her husband's trip to North Korea to help free two imprisoned journalists in an interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria -- laughing off criticism of the trip as some kind of capitulation.

When Zakaria brought up John Bolton, the Bush administration official who said the high-profile rescue was rewarding hostage-takers, Clinton laughed wholeheartedly.

"Should we even go on?" Zakaria joked. "No, you really shouldn't," she responded. But Clinton did address Bolton's critique.

"We've done this so many times before," she said. "We've had former presidents do it. We've had sitting members of Congress do it. It is something that, you know, it is absolutely not rewarding them. It is not in any way responding to specific demands. It is a recognition that certain countries that I think are kind of beyond the pale of the rule of law hold people and subject them to long prison terms that are absolutely unfair and unwarranted. And maybe it's, you know, the fact I have a daughter, but I believed that if we could bring these young women home, we should bring them home. It had nothing to do with our policy."

She concluded with her own joke: "You know, you mentioned somebody who heavens, if President Obama walked on water, he would say he couldn't swim. "


The full interview airs this Sunday.

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