Hillary Clinton Is Back -- In Black Leather

Well played, Hillz.
03/29/2017 11:15am ET

They say you should dress for the job you want. If Hillary Clinton is following that rule, her new dream job likely involves kicking ass and taking names.

Clinton appeared at the Professional BusinessWomen of California conference Tuesday, where she spoke out against sexism in the workplace and skewered the Trump administration and its policies. She also debuted a bold new look, wearing what appears to be a black leather jacket, black pants and a floral shirt.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images
When you look like a BOSS.

If the days of the angelic white pantsuit are gone, we can’t say we’re too torn up over it. It’s not that we don’t have the utmost respect for her usual style, it’s just that this new look has a welcome dose of attitude.

It also signals that Clinton is having more fun and being more creative with her clothing. She seldom strayed from solid color pantsuits during her presidential campaign, or, for that matter, over the course of her career in Washington. An image expert told US Weekly in September her iconic style was “a way to get people to focus on her seriousness, to portray that she is serious about the job.”

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Now that Clinton says she’s ready to be back in the public eye, we’re hoping this leather jacket signals there’s more powerful garb to come. Her campaign ― and her value ― never had anything to do with her clothes, of course. But all you have to do is look to the white pantsuit she wore to the inauguration in solidarity with the women’s movement to know that she does use fashion to send messages, both to her supporters and opponents.

We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images
Too good.