Hillary Clinton To Address Major LGBT Rights Organization

Clinton will appear before the Human Rights Campaign on Oct. 3.

WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton will address the Human Rights Campaign next month, getting the chance to pitch herself to 800 activists in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights community.

Clinton will speak to HRC's board of directors, board of governors, staff and supporters from around the country on the morning of Oct. 3, ahead of the organization's annual dinner that night. 

HRC has not yet endorsed a presidential candidate in the 2016 race, but the group's president, Chad Griffin, called Clinton "a tremendous advocate for equality" and "a tireless champion for the advancement of LGBT rights as human rights around the globe."

"A visionary leader fighting for an America where everyone is treated with equal respect and dignity, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, we're thrilled Secretary Clinton will join us to discuss the challenges ahead in the fight for full federal equality," he said in a statement.

Although the organization hasn't endorsed anyone, it still plans on being engaged in the presidential election.

“HRC will soon be putting staff and resources on the ground in early states, starting with Iowa and New Hampshire, in order to begin organizing and mobilizing members, supporters, and pro-equality voters," said JoDee Winterhof, the group's senior vice president for policy and political affairs. 

According to data provided by HRC, 81 percent of eligible lesbian, gay and bisexual voters -- who are likely undercounted in exit polls -- cast ballots in 2012, far higher than the 58 percent of overall eligible voters in the United States. Exit surveys also showed that 76 percent of LGB voters backed President Barack Obama in the last election.

As secretary of state, Clinton pushed to expand LGBT rights both within the State Department and abroad. She did not, however, come out in favor of same-sex marriage until after she left the Obama administration.  

HRC endorsed Obama in 2008, but only did so after it became clear that Clinton would not be the nominee. 

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