Hillary Clinton Lost Because of Sexism. Say It.

Hillary Clinton Lost Because of Sexism. Say It.
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sexism noun sex路ism \藞sek-藢si-z蓹m\

prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women.

Here鈥檚 a question: why does 鈥渟exism鈥 seem to offend you more deeply than 鈥渃unt,鈥 to which I鈥檝e been repeatedly treated, has offended me? And why does even the mention of a simple, straightforward, descriptive word anger conservatives and liberals alike, twisting Wranglers of both the sincere and ironic variety in a knot?

Well, I鈥檓 damn tired and I鈥檓 damn sick. And I鈥檓 damn tired of being sick and tired.

And Christ, I鈥檝e grown exhausted at pretending that it wasn鈥檛 sexism, and entirely sexism, that cost Hillary Clinton the presidency. All the sidestepping, finger-pointing, and misdirected blame are giving me the motherfucking vapors.

For God鈥檚 sake, its mere suggestion as the root cause of her loss, even among some of her most ardent supporters, is met with -鈥 鈥淲ell, yes, that鈥檚 certainly one reason鈥 Then, the immediate pivot: 鈥渂ut let鈥檚 remember, she was also up against Russia, WikiLeaks, the FBI鈥︹

No shit, snowflakes! But first, why is it somehow more difficult to believe that Hillary was taken down by her gender, rather than by a fucking GEOPOLITICAL COMBATANT 鈥- or even, perhaps more insidiously, a fucking HOMEGROWN ENEMY in the form of James Comey?

And, more importantly, why do you think these entities could have so effectively wielded the weapon of all-out character assassination against a public servant who had endured unprecedented hours of grueling congressional testimony, with a taxpayer price tag upwards of $7 million for Benghazi investigations alone, that found exactly ZERO evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever? Inquests so relentless, so exhaustive in nature, that they were not only unable to bolster the 鈥渦ntrustworthy鈥 narrative -鈥 but could even be cited as making a case for her being one our most HONEST politicians?

This environed election offensive could only have worked if our hideously misinformed electorate had wholly sunken their depraved, Breitbart/DailyKos-reading teeth into the bullshit 鈥淐rooked Hillary鈥 trope.

But come on? Is it because she鈥檚 a woman?

Uh, yeah, and I鈥檓 getting to that -鈥 by way of that pesky word we can鈥檛 say: 鈥渟exism.鈥 Now, strap in, sallies, because this part gets a little tricky in that it requires some concentration and deductive reasoning.

鈥淐rooked Hillary鈥 is nothing more than a modern-day incarnation of the very labels that have been fused with women鈥檚 personage throughout our history in order to vilify and, ultimately, discredit. The 鈥渃unning wench,鈥 the 鈥渃onniving shrew,鈥 the 鈥渓ying jezebel,鈥 the 鈥済old-digger鈥 -鈥 that鈥檚 precisely what got to good ol鈥 Hillary: a calculated strike on her reputation, spectacularly designed to render her fully vulnerable to, and ultimately destroyable by, even the most baseless and vile character attacks (pizza-gate, anyone?)

And this decades-long assault was so thoroughly invalidating that her policy ideas, her campaign words and actions, were unable to retain any value within the scope of her perceived 鈥渢arnished honor.鈥

Her excruciatingly public trial began during her First Ladyship of Arkansas, and with these fateful words: 鈥淚 suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies鈥 but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession.鈥 And just like the women targeted in 1690s Salem, her audacity in not adhering to female societal convention left her assailable and susceptible to a witch-hunt of her own 鈥- and, as those who came before, the fatal branding is now the ash left in its wake.

And along comes Trump 鈥- the entirely proven conman, bigoted chauvinist, notorious huckster of misery 鈥- cynically cashing in on the same lazy, fraudulent Hillary tropes for his sniveling masses, neutralizing her very existence by way of whole-cloth gender-based annihilation. Hell, he even invoked accusations of her 鈥減laying the woman card,鈥 clinging under the cowardly cover of her inability to summon an analogous counter of his 鈥減laying the man card鈥 because that鈥檚 just, you know, speaking truth-to-absolute-power, and 鈥渢elling it like it is鈥 in all its ball-swinging glory!

Nice job, America!

So, say it with me: 鈥淗illary Clinton lost because of sexism.鈥 And now, once again, loud enough for the tone-deaf people in the back.

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