Hillary Clinton Loves Tim Geithner's Hair, Acknowledges He's A Hottie

Hillary Clinton Loves Tim Geithner's Hair, Acknowledges He's A Hottie

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner recently spoke with Chen Luyu of Phoenix TV in Beijing China (thanks to NY Mag for the tip!) and from the transcript it sounds like Clinton might have an itsy bitsy crush on Geithner!

QUESTION: What were you talking about?

SECRETARY CLINTON: I think I was complimenting him on his hair.


SECRETARY CLINTON: He always looks so good, you know? It's maddening. It takes me so much longer, and it doesn't even look as good.

QUESTION: Yes. Actually, a lot of American people tell me that they think you are one of the best looking guys in the Administration. Do you agree?

SECRETARY GEITHNER: That can't be true. Can't be true.

SECRETARY CLINTON: I have it on very good authority that that's true.

She also talked about her own 'do, looking back at some old pictures.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, you know, me and hair. I mean, it's always something that is the easiest thing to change. Everything else is too hard, but hair you can change. You can cut it, you can grow it, you can -- in that case, I had -- that's kind of an old permanent, because you can tell I had very straight hair. But I decided I would see what it was like being curly. And that didn't last too long.

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