Hillary Clinton Revives Her Favorite Pantsuit Look For Visit To Myanmar (PHOTOS)

Continuing her recent tour in Asia, Hillary Clinton traveled to the country of Myanmar today in a critically important historical visit.

Clinton, who's the first secretary of state to visit the embattled country in over 50 years, made her trip to campaign for the release of political prisoners and call the country to break military ties with North Korea. No easy task, obviously.

And of course, since we're sartorially minded, we also scoped out what the Secretary was wearing.

She greeted leaders while wearing head-to-toe blue, clad in a boxy pantsuit. Everything matched, down to her robin's-egg-colored necklace and earrings. And there were no scrunchies or barrettes in sight, as Clinton kept her hair loose.

It's been awhile since we've seen the former First Lady in her signature pantsuit, which she seems to have eschewed (until now) on her recent travels in Asia; to visit Thailand this month, she opted for a green raw silk shirt, and she wore all black for her trip to the Philippines.

To visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, a Buddhist temple, Clinton ditched her tan heels and walked barefoot, in keeping with the temple's practices.

Hopefully Hillary wasn't ambushed by any streakers this time.

Check out the photos of Hillary's landmark visit to Myanmar below.

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