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Hillary Clinton Got All Chic In Europe Today (PHOTOS)

Hillary Clinton is so zeitgeist-y lately.

Not only did the secretary of state win the Internet with her famous sunglasses-and-Blackberry photo, but then she won even more fans when these photos emerged of her drinking and dancing in Colombia.

But ahem, johnny-come-latelys to the Hillz fan club: as fashion fans, we've been following Clinton's style for quite some time, ardently tracking her every scrunchie and tweed jacket. We were delighted, then, to see these photos of the secretary in Brussels for a foreign affairs meeting, rocking a very on-trend colorblocked dress in neutrals and a huge pearl statement necklace.

It's not the first time Hillary has donned pearls -- she matched a couple strands of flat pearls to this pink blazer back in 2011, and Clinton loves her statement necklaces. But we can't recall ever seeing her in something as exciting as a graphic-print dress.

See photos of the secretary's cool outfit below, and also, some more photos of her acing the statement jewelry look.

Scroll down for more pics.