Hillary Clinton Could Get Some Neoconservative Support In 2016

Hillary Clinton may get some unlikely support from the right if she decides to run for president in 2016.

During a HuffPost Live conversation about a New York Times op-ed that explores Clinton's relationship with neoconservatives, Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn explained that neocons have a political history of seeking to "burrow into one camp and establish a foothold somewhere," meaning they'll be on the hunt for any candidate that best suits them. And if the Republican party veers away from their interests, Corn argued that Clinton could be the alternative.

"If [neoconservatives] see that it's clear the 2016 GOP presidential contest is really going to go toward the isolationist wing like Rand Paul or maybe Ted Cruz, they they may say, 'Hey, Hillary is our best of not-great options,'" Corn said.

Potential GOP contenders like Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio would provide neoconservatives a more appealing Republican option, Corn added, but he predicted Clinton will likely walk a fine line to keep the door open for support across the aisle.

"[Clinton] really likes to have it both ways. She will want to be the sort of liberal, somewhat interventionist engager, but also come across as someone who is very, very tough and hawkish," he said.

See the full HuffPost Live conversation about Hillary Clinton's neocon potential below.