'SNL' Mocks Just How Desperate Hillary Clinton Is To Be A New Yorker

"God, I love being back in the Fat Apple."

Subways be damned, Hillary Clinton is a New Yorker and she wants to prove it to you.

After a string of losses to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in recent contests from Idaho to Wyoming, Clinton is doing just about anything to convince New York voters that she deserves their support in the state's upcoming Democratic primary.

This kind of political pandering is tailor-made for "Saturday Night Live" and in the cold open for this weekend's Russell Crowe-helmed episode, Clinton's New York credibility took center stage.

"God, I love being back in the Fat Apple, my home state," says Kate McKinnon as Clinton, "except for Illinois and Arkansas, but they already voted for me, so we cool."

McKinnon's Clinton then proceeds to prove just how relatable she is to New Yorkers by sporting both a Yankees and Mets hat, (fake) eating a city hot dog and nuts, and finally taking the dreaded subway.

“The New York City subway is the best way to get around,” McKinnon says as she approaches the entrance. But after multiple failed swipes and an attempt to jump the turnstile, she gives up and says, “I’ll just take a cab.”

Watch the full sketch above.

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