Hillary Clinton Hangs With Norwegian Royals, Drinks Wine In Castle (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Hillary Clinton Meets, Drinks Wine With Norwegian Royal Family

Hillary Clinton has been hanging out with some interesting people lately, including Cardinal Dolan and Tyra Banks. Style-wise, she even popped her collar.

But this week, Sec. Clinton upped her game by jetting to Norway to chill with some of the coolest people in Scandinavia: the Norwegian royals.

The secretary of state touched down in Norway for a two-day visit to work with leaders on plans to improve maternal and child health in Africa. Clinton was on hand to pledge $75 million in U.S. support.

While she was there, Hills met with the Norwegian royals, whom we've been tracking on our "cool royal" radar for awhile. Clinton sat next to Princess Mette-Marit, one of our style faves, at the Global Health Conference at Oslo Hall. She also greeted King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway, the latter who was clad in a white skirtsuit. (Taking a few cues from Hillary's favorite look, perhaps?)

On Friday, Clinton met with Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and attended a luncheon at the Akershus Fortress and Castle, where she celebrated with what looks like a tiny glass of white wine and where we've pretty much decided to take our next vacation.

Sartorially, Clinton stuck to what she knew and suited up in a cream-colored tweed blazer adorned with a cameo pin; she pulled her hair back in what looks like a jeweled scrunchie, a move we fully support. (Unfortunately, she came about two weeks too late to don some traditional garb with the fam for Norwegian Constitution Day.)

Check out photos of Hillary toasting in Norway below!

Hillary Clinton & Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

Hillary Clinton Hangs Out In Norway

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