Clinton: Nominating Obama For Supreme Court Is 'A Great Idea'

"I love that!"

As President Barack Obama begins his last year in office, we can't help but wonder what he'll do next. Write another book? Go back to community organizing?

An audience member at a Hillary Clinton campaign event had a unique suggestion: Supreme Court Justice.

During a campaign rally in Iowa on Tuesday night, one man asked her if she'd consider appointing Obama.

Clinton was enthusiastic about the idea.

"Wow, what a great idea! Nobody has ever suggested that to me," she said. "Wow. I love that!"

"He may have a few other things to do," she added. "But, I'll tell you, that's a great idea."

None of the current justices have indicated that they'll retire anytime soon, but four years is a long time -- especially for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who turns 83 in March.

Obama's resume actually makes him a pretty good fit for the position. He graduated from Harvard Law School, where he held the prestigious position of president of the Harvard Law Review. Later, he was an attorney on high-profile civil rights cases and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago.

Still, we have a feeling congressional Republicans would take issue with the choice...

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