HILLARY CLINTON You Took the Blows The Record Shows THANK YOU

Dear Hillary

Those of us, women of a certain age, who came to young adulthood and feminist thought in the '1960's and '1970's were over-joyed at the presumptive title so close upon your shoulders and for which you fought so hard for any woman to achieve, Madame President of the United States.

It won't be your title, though no woman in American history up to this point deserves it more. The last gasp of white, male fear made certain of that. But just barely. Hatred and tantrum squeaked them through, this time. The backlash against an inclusive and turning America took the sad day.

Still we say to you: Thank you. Thank you for taking the blows. Thank you for taking the pounding. Thank you for taking the sometimes rampant and out-of-control misogyny. The lies. The insults. The relentless battering. Thank you for paving the way for women who will stand squarely on your shoulders when that last gasp is done, put in its rightful place in history.

Your title as Presidential Heavy Weight Champion of the World is from and for all women, young and old, who understand the profound event your runs for the White House are for American and global history.

You did it. You achieved it. And as Alvin Toffler famously said, 'The future always comes too fast, and in the wrong order."

You have our profound gratitude for all your extraordinary achievements. And know, that on that day, when the first female president of the United States accepts the oath of office, it will be you whose spirit will be invoked, and your relentless work which made it happen.