Hillary Clinton Is Either A Huge Gift Or Big Yawn For Opposition Researchers

WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton's potential presidential campaign presents a conundrum for Republican opposition research groups.

On the one hand, the former secretary of state has probably faced the most scrutiny of all the likely 2016 candidates. Most of the skeletons have already been pulled out of her closet and displayed -- repeatedly -- for voters to gawk at, making it hard to find something new. On the other hand, she has a hefty record to attack. She has cast votes, made speeches, earned money and written books. All of that will fuel the partisan flame.

So who wins if Clinton runs? In this short clip from the latest installment of “Drinking and Talking," The Huffington Post asked Eddie Vale, vice president of the Democratic opposition research firm American Bridge, and Tim Miller, executive director of the GOP opposition research firm America Rising, variations of that question. Along with Amanda Terkel of The Huffington Post and Margaret Talev of Bloomberg News -- and a few cases of beer -- we looked at the upsides and downsides a Clinton candidacy in 2016 would have for opposition researchers.

Watch the video above.



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