Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Pretty Much Be A Real-Life Horror Flick, Stop Hillary PAC Ad Suggests

A new ad released Wednesday by an anti-Hillary Clinton super PAC is hoping to scare people away from supporting the former secretary of state in a potential 2016 presidential run.

The spot, released by the recently formed Stop Hillary PAC, looks like it got some help from a horror movie director. In the ad, a reverberating Clinton voice reads the inaugural oath over haunting sound effects, while scandals and conspiracy theories that have hounded the Clintons over their decades in politics flash across the screen. The list includes Benghazi, a reference to the attack on a U.S. compound in Libya last year to which conservatives, over the past months, have been seeking to tie Clinton and President Barack Obama.

(Watch the video above.)

Clinton has maintained that she has no intention of running for president in 2016, but that hasn't stopped groups on either side of the issue from setting up shop in preparation. Ready For Hillary PAC has attracted healthy support among Clinton fans seeking to convince her to throw her hat in the ring. Other groups, like Stop Hillary 2016 -- a group that includes some veterans of failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign -- and Stop Hillary PAC are hoping to counter her momentum.

Stop Hillary PAC only announced its official rollout on Monday, but it appears that leaders believe they don't have time to waste if they want to be successful in hindering a Clinton campaign.

“I don’t think anybody has any misconception that she’s not going to run,” Ted Harvey, chairman of the Stop Hillary PAC and a Republican state senator in Colorado, told the Daily Caller this week. “There are tons of huge pro-Hillary PACs that are raising huge amounts of money right now. She is doing everything that a candidate would be doing at this point to be preparing for a full scale national campaign.”



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