Hillary Clinton To Finland's Partying Prime Minister: 'Keep Dancing'

The former secretary of state tweeted a message to Sanna Marin that included a photo of herself cutting a rug in Cartagena, Colombia.

Former Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton sent a message of support to Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin this past weekend.

Videos showing the 36-year-old head of state dancing and singing with friends recently came to light and sparked a debate over how much fun she’s entitled to have. Marin also felt obliged to apologize after a photo showing two women kissing and posing topless at the prime minister’s official summer residence was published.

The prime minister took a drug test, which came back negative, to shut down right-wing attacks about her activities.

But while some have criticized Marin for, er, having fun, she has a supporter in Clinton, who tweeted a message to the Finnish leader that included a picture of herself shaking a tail feather in Cartagena, Colombia, while serving as secretary of state.

“As Ann Richards said, ‘Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.’” Clinton wrote in the post. “Here’s me in Cartagena while I was there for a meeting as Secretary of State. Keep dancing, @marinsanna.”

Marin responded with a thank-you message.

Clinton’s encouragement to keep dancing moved other Twitter users as well.

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