'SNL' Tries To Track Down The Elusive Hillary Clinton

But will she respond to the wildlife hunters' laughing call?

Public sightings of Hillary Clinton have been few and far between since her loss in the U.S. presidential election last month. 

And because some of the recent sightings have taken place in the forests of upstate New York, “Saturday Night Live” decided to launch its new segment “The Hunt For Hil” this weekend.

In the skit, two wildlife hunters set out to track down the elusive former Democratic presidential nominee so that they can thank her for everything she has done for America. 

They speak to previous spotters, analyze what appear to be her footprints on the ground, mimic her laugh as a mating call and set up bait in the form of a newspaper article about the election recount in Wisconsin.

But are they successful? Find out in the clip above.