Hillary Clinton Speech Reactions (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Speech Reactions (VIDEO)

Reaction to Hillary Clinton's Democratic convention speech has begun. Here are what some of the pundits and TV anchors are saying:

Tom Brokaw: "Hillary Clinton did tonight what she needed to do."

She made clear her unequivocal support for Obama but also thanked her own supporters for their efforts and lit into Republican Sen. John McCain.

CNN's John King: "She passionately endorsed Barack Obama... She's a big game player, that was a big-game speech... she did what Obama wanted."

Keith Olbermann: "A grand slam." (Olbermann also reported that on Clinton's way out to the podium and after she returned from delivering her speech, she was given a standing ovation by Obama staffers.)

James Carville: "This is what a major-league fastball looks like."

Anderson Cooper: "This speech has electrified everyone in this crowd."

Bill Richardson: "She couldn't have been clearer... She hit a huge home run, a 500-foot homerun. The best news is Democrats are unified."

David Gergen: "Perhaps her finest hour in politics."

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: "Anybody who could be persuaded would be persuaded by that speech...She nailed it."

Wolf Blitzer: "Exactly what Barack and Michelle Obama wanted to hear."

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