Hillary Clinton Style Evolution: A Look Back At Scrunchies, Headbands & More (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: A Look At Hillary Clinton's Style Evolution

From scrunchies to headbands, up 'dos to butterfly clips, there are few hairstyles Hillary Clinton hasn't bravely attempted.

The politico (and political wife) has made history for her accomplishments in the realm of law, politics and diplomacy. But along the way we've also been watching her style, whether it was the unfortunate hair styles, the oversized jackets, the beloved pantsuits and even a few ball gowns.

Just like in politics, Hillary's been critiqued (Tim Gunn recently questioned her borderline masculine look).

But she's stuck to her guns -- and her favorite styles. The shoulder-length blonde hair, bright colors and, yes, the pantsuits are here to stay.

In honor of the Secretary of State's 64th birthday on Wednesday, here's a look back at over three decades of Hillary Clinton's most memorable looks!

January 1974 as a lawyer at President Nixon's impeachment hearings

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