Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump's NYC Attack Response Played 'To Our Worst Feelings'

"His immediate reaction is always to blame somebody," said Clinton. "I really regret that."

Hillary Clinton criticized President Donald Trump on Wednesday over his response to Tuesday’s deadly terror attack in New York.

On the “Daily Show,” the former secretary of state slammed her 2016 presidential election rival for immediately looking for someone to blame in the aftermath of the horrific incident in which eight people were killed.

Trump blamed the attack, where a man drove a rental truck down a bike path and struck several people, on the diversity visa lottery program. The program allowed 29-year-old suspect Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov to legally immigrate to the U.S. from Uzbekistan in 2010.

Clinton, however, told host Trevor Noah it was important for a president to “bring a country together” and “talk about what happened” following such an incident. They should not “point fingers,” “scapegoat” or try to “set Americans against each other,” she added.

“His immediate reaction is always to blame somebody, to play to our worst feelings, and I really regret that,” Clinton said.

“He just doesn’t have any empathy,” she continued. “You can disagree with somebody over all kinds of partisan issues, but you want to have a president who can try to put himself into the shoes, the feelings of somebody else, and he has not been able to do that.”

Clinton also used the wide-ranging interview to comment on the mounting sexual assault and harassment allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, talk about the ongoing investigation into Trump’s alleged links with Russia and explain why she refuses to shy away from public life.

Check out the full interview above.