Hillary Clinton Used In GOP Attack Ad Against Obama

Hillary Clinton has made her way into a Republican Party attack ad, her words condemning Barack Obama taken entirely out of context to suggest that she was somehow criticizing his energy plan.

The Ohio GOP has a new web ad out, a minute and a half in length, that regurgitates the argument that the Illinois Democrat has no policy prescription for gas prices other than encouraging voters to inflate their tires. The only thing notable about the spot (which touts such specific John McCain proposals as "address climate change" and "promote energy efficiency") is that it pits the former first lady against the primary opponent she now endorses.

"Shame on you, Barack Obama," Clinton is shown saying -- a now famous clip from when she ripped the Illinois Democrat for sending out attack mailers on her position on NAFTA and health care. The Buckeye state's popular governor, Ted Strickland nods his head in the background.