Hillary Clinton Makes The Case For Why Other Women Should Run For Office

"It’s like the saying goes: ‘If you want something done, ask a busy woman to do it.'"
HRC laughing in the face of sexism. 
HRC laughing in the face of sexism. 

Hillary Clinton has an important message for women around the country: Run for political office.

The former secretary of state and 2016 presidential hopeful recently wrote an essay for Cosmopolitan.com urging women who want to make an impact on the world to consider running for office.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, the world watched as Clinton faced subtle and overt sexism from the media and her running mates. Despite it all, she’s asking more women ― Democrat, Republican and independent alike ― to run. 

“One of my favorite parts of being a U.S. senator was working with my women colleagues on both sides of the aisle,” Clinton wrote. “Studies show that women are particularly good at bipartisanship and building consensus. We’re also more likely to champion policies that benefit women and children. And in Congress, women introduce more legislation than their male counterparts. It’s like the saying goes: ‘If you want something done, ask a busy woman to do it.’” 

Clinton wrote that being a woman in politics is tough, but it’s also “deeply rewarding.” 

“Imagine getting to wake up every day and fight for issues you care about ― issues that might otherwise go ignored,” she wrote. “As satisfying as it is to come across a tweet that perfectly sums up a problem like the jaw-dropping cost of childcare in America, it’s a lot more satisfying to get out there and fix the problem. And there is nothing better than meeting someone who tells you their life is better because of something you did.” 

She wrapped up her essay by pointing to a now-iconic quote from her concession speech

“The day after Election Day, I said that women and girls are ‘valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world,’” Clinton wrote. “I believe in that message more fiercely than ever. You are valuable and powerful. You are eminently qualified and capable. And I cannot wait to see how you use your unique gifts and skills to make your community, our country, and our world a better place.”

Head over to Cosmopolitan to read Clinton’s full essay. 



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