Hillary Clinton Doesn't Care About 2016 Speculation -- She Just Whips Her Hair Back And Forth

LOOK: Proof Hillz Doesn't Sweat The 2016 Speculation

Hillary Clinton generally remains cool, calm and collected. Rumor has it that she never even sweats. Even as will-she-or-won't-she speculation over her potential 2016 presidential run rages, we think that Hillz is probably taking it all in stride.

A June 2012 photo of Hillary Clinton first made us think of a certain Willow Smith line. And this photo of Hillz taken during her last speech as secretary of state at the end of January does the same. We imagine that as countless media outlets pen stories about her, she's probably just whipping her hair and getting on with things.

LOOK: Hillary Whips Her Hair (Again)
hillary clinton whips her hair

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