Hillary Clinton's Forthcoming Book Will Tackle Misogyny's Role In The Election

"As you might guess, I’ve thought about it more than once."

NEW YORK ― In her first sit-down interview since the presidential election at Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit, Hillary Clinton told New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof about the plans she has for her forthcoming book.

Kristof asked Clinton how she felt about the role that misogyny played in the election ― especially considering that a majority of white women voters for President Trump, regardless of his admitted sexual assault, allegations of abuse, and comments he’s made about women.

“Im currently writing a book where I spend a lot of time wrestling with this,” Clinton said.

She continued:

As you might guess, I’ve thought about it more than once. I don’t know that there is one answer. It is fair to say that certainly misogyny played a role. That just has to be admitted.

What the underlying reasons were, I’m trying to parse out myself. There is a constant struggle in a time of rapid change, like one we are living through, between something that is different, that may hold out even possible positive consequences, and something that is familiar and really is first and foremost about security of what you have right now. In this election, there was a very real struggle between what is viewed as change that is welcomed and exciting to so many Americans and change which is worrisome and threatening to so many others.

And you layer on the first woman president over all of that change, and some people, women included, had very real problems.

During the Q&A, Kristoff also asked who Clinton considers to be at blame for her shocking loss.

“How much time do we have?” she responded. “You’ll have to interview me after my book comes out.”

She plans on discussing the role of FBI Director James Comey and his October 28th letter about her emails, as well as Wikileaks and Russia’s involvement in the election. “I want to give as clear and as credible an explanation of these factors as I can,” she said.

Plans for Clinton’s book were initially announced in February, and it’s slated to be released by Simon & Schuster in September of this year.

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