Hillary Clinton's Health Situation Necessitates Libertarian Gary Johnson To Be In The Presidential Debates

I was saddened to watch Hillary Clinton stumble last Sunday as she left a New York City 9/11 tribute early. She was weak and ill. For a possible Commander-in-Chief, nothing is more important than good health. Unfortunately, looking back over videos of her in the last five years and consulting with medical professionals (my wife is a physician), I can only conclude that the nation must take this stumble -- and her health situation -- very seriously. Let's hope she gets over pneumonia soon and there's nothing worse lurking.

A lot has been made over whether Libertarian Gary Johnson -- who is on the ballot in all 50 states, has about 15 million supporters already, and is known as a socially liberal/fiscally conservative candidate -- will get into the upcoming presidential debates on September 26. So far the private debate commission hasn't said what they're going to do. It can, of course, at any time allow Johnson in if it wanted, even though he is still shy of their 15 percent national polling criteria. After all, these are unusual times. And this is certainly an unusual election, so breaking from the norm and designated 15 percent criteria is easily warranted -- especially since reputable polls overwhelmingly show the majority of Americans want Johnson in the debates.

The chaos and confusion in these elections is about to get much worse now that Clinton's health is in question. Given these new facts, I believe it is mandatory to include Gary Johnson in the debates. After all, if something is wrong with Clinton, this would leave Trump with an unfair and undemocratic advantage in the elections. Imagine if Clinton's health worsens and she is unable to debate? Or alternatively, she debates but is unable to finish the campaign due to deteriorating health? Either way, there probably wouldn't be time to suitably establish an alternative like Bernie Sanders anymore for the Democrats. However, Johnson is already firmly established in the American political scene, and he could help fill that national void by making sure more than just two candidates are involved.

Now don't get me wrong; as a presidential candidate myself running 6th or 7th overall in the elections according to Google Trends and an iQuanti report, I'm not for Clinton, Johnson, or Trump. I like each of them for their own reasons (and I have some disagreements with each of them, too). But what I care most about is a fair and truly democratic election. And Gary Johnson is a former two-term New Mexico governor with plenty of hard-earned political experience. In the debates, he can and will act as a balance to businessman Trump and former Secretary of State Clinton. Everyone in America will gain by him being there.

The presidential debates are going to be watched by tens of millions of people -- nearly as much as watch the Super Bowl. Many millions of Americans will make their final voting decision after watching the debates. Given the grave importance and growing divisions in this country, we must make sure to include all the candidates that can win the presidency and are on all 50 state ballots. Bear in mind, too, that Gary Johnson has consistently polled nationally in double digits. It's no wonder Mitt Romney and Arnold Schwarzenegger have recently advocated for Johnson to be included in the debates.

The difference, however, between last Sunday morning -- before Clinton's health became a national concern -- and today is incredibly significant. The question of having Gary Johnson in the debates has now become a national necessity. To be fair to the American people, to hear all the voices present in America, we must put these three candidates in the ring together, and watch them spar so we can find out which one is the best leader. And if one of them bows out due to health reasons, at least there will still be left two standing to choose from.