Hillary Clinton's Time Is Now: Sexists, Purists and a Phony Email Scandal Won't Stop her

sen. hillary clinton  speaks at ...
sen. hillary clinton speaks at ...

The far-right thinks sexist attacks on Hillary will stop her. The far-left think attacking her for not being a purist will. Some think a phony email scandal will. Perhaps the FBI should be looking at how President Obama's emails have been hacked, OPM has been hacked, the Joints Chiefs of Staff's emails were hacked, but Hillary's weren't. America is ready for a woman President and the majority of voters are overwhelmingly decent and moderate. Moving progressive ideas steadily forward with an iron determination is what Hillary has done successfully all her life.

Before going head-to-head with the Republican nominee Hillary must win the Democratic nomination. Her main challenger Bernie Sanders is running a great campaign attracting huge crowds. He recently stood up for her against sexist attacks from Republicans.

While Sanders isn't attacking hundreds of millions are being spent by a slew of candidates and their supporters attacking Hillary every day. A Congressional committee and press outlets, even the NY Times, believe attacking Hillary is perfectly OK. With all this Hillary still leads by healthy margins in the Democratic primary nationally and in Iowa. She's apparently in a close race with Sanders in New Hampshire.

Hillary has detailed policy positions on automatic voter registration; fighting climate change; making college tuition for state schools free; bringing down student debt; and continues to release details on others. She has spoken out forcefully in support of a pathway to citizenship for immigrants and an end to the Cuban embargo. She spoke passionately on needed changes to the structure of our judicial system and asked every American to look into their own hearts and recognize we must each fight the racism that exists which is negatively impacting the life of too many in our nation. There is a reason Latinos and African Americans trust Hillary and support her candidacy. In the long run they and women will put Hillary over the top. While some women question Hillary because they are being bombarded with all the same attacks on her everyone else is seeing, when it comes time to vote they will understand these attacks are just another way to keep a highly qualified woman from being President.

Jeb Bush and world leaders from the left and right including President Barack Obama, Senator John McCain, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and one of his leading opponents Tzipi Livni, have paid tribute to what Hillary has accomplished and who she is as a person. Liberals like Howard Dean and Tom Harkin have endorsed her knowing she will make a great President.

Hillary is a leader. That makes her a lightning rod for those who want to keep women down; those who virulently oppose a woman's right to choose and control her own healthcare; who think it's ok to pay women 78 cents on the dollar for the same work as men; who are opposed to equal rights for LGBT persons; who believe the United States can still rule the world on its own without working to build coalitions; and those who just find her an anathema to their right-wing views.

She is also a lightning rod for the far-left who believe anyone working on Wall Street is a villain; who believe you can't and won't curtail the excesses of Wall Street without using overblown rhetoric; who believe Main Street and the middle class will automatically be rebuilt if we take down Wall Street; who can't accept change has always been incremental and think just calling for change makes it happen; who think any overture to someone who disagrees with you is capitulation; and who don't understand our founding fathers formed a government that demands compromise to get things done.

Reaching the point where Hillary Rodham Clinton is sworn-in as the nation's 45th, and first woman, President on January 20, 2017 will not be easy but it's worth the fight. The attacks on her will continue from every angle funded by more than a billion dollars to get people to believe the lies about her.

Whether she wins the Democratic primary will be determined in about seven months. It appears the initial Sanders surge has slowed and now it's a battle for each vote in Iowa and New Hampshire. It will come down to organization and getting voters to the caucuses and the polls.

If Hillary wins either both those states, or three out of four when the campaign moves on to South Carolina and Nevada, the nomination will likely be hers. If that happens the focus will quickly shift to the general election. People's views of Hillary will then be based on comparisons to her Republican opponent and suddenly she will again look much better to people who are now questioning her. It is what happens in elections; the ups and downs aren't for the faint of heart.

Hillary's supporters know she has always been a fighter for fairness, equality and for children and families. They believe in her and love that about her.