Hilary Duff Loses Bonnie And Clyde, Leaving A Tiny Hole We Must Fill (PHOTOS)

Why was Hilary Duff cast as Bonnie in the upcoming "Bonnie and Clyde" remake, you ask? Because! Aside from looking like Faye Dunaway, who she thinks is ugly, she has done many things! But now she's pregnant and out of the game, as is her costar, a man named Kevin Zegers. Phew. We almost had a Duff/Zegers vehicle on our hands, and we all know how those turn out. (Jk! Their resumes are limited and have not crossed once, not even on "Gossip Girl"). As a favor to the gouged production, and especially to Thora Birch, whose role as Blanche Barrow comes after a tough break, we've decided to help recast the leads using cutting-edge slideshow technology. Our suggestions range from celebrity couples, onscreen dynamos and multi-millionaire sisters. Click through and support the cause.