Hillary: Fox Friendlier To Me Than MSNBC

Hillary: Fox Friendlier To Me Than MSNBC

JOHN HARRIS: Senator, you were offended the other day for reasons that I think a lot of people understood by comments that were made on MSNBC. And in the wake of that, I heard from some of the people on your staff who say, to their surprise, they actually think that Fox News is giving you a better break than MSNBC. Is that your perception?

SENATOR CLINTON: Well, there was some independent study that my staff sent me -- we didn't do it -- but it was some independent study which seemed to suggest that, that in terms of the fairness of the coverage -- you know, look, I'm a mom first. I'm a candidate second. And, you know, I really am troubled by this pattern of behavior and comments that you hear.

JOHN HARRIS: Two-week suspension, you said that's inadequate for what was said. What would be adequate? Are you looking for a firing or something more?

SENATOR CLINTON: That's not my job, John. You know, that's the job of the people who run the network. But I think that they need to take a hard look.

This is like the third time they've had to apologize. And there are a lot of things that they haven't had to apologize for that might have merited one. So I wish they would take a look at, you know, some of the pattern of demeaning comments that are made on their networks.


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