Hillary Opens Up To Tyra About Adultery

Excerpts of Hillary Clinton's taped interview with Tyra Banks were released earlier this week, but the interview airs today on Tyra's show. In the interview, Hillary discusses, among other things, adultery. She tells Tyra that she had to "dig down hard" to get over the Monica Lewinsky affair of ten years ago, but that she "never doubted Bill's love" or her "faith and commitment" to Chelsea and their extended family.

Other takeaways: she admits to being embarrassed by the scandal but says, "I was just praying so hard and thinking so hard about what's right to do that I couldn't get anything else interfere with that. The momentary feelings — you know, you're mad, you're really upset, you're disappointed, all of that goes through your mind — but I have found you really shouldn't make decisions in the heat of those moments."

And though scorned women come up to her everywhere asking for advice "all the time," she counsels: "no one story is the same as any other story...what I can tell you is that you must be true to yourself."


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