Hillary Represents Positive Change

Since the mid-seventies, when I served as assistant minority leader in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, much has changed. For one thing, the words associated with politicians has morphed from words like 'public servant' to words like 'opportunist.' I suspect since the beginning of time, those serving the public have varied in their place on this continuum. In the 70's, there were very few women in state legislatures, and now the organization I helped found, the Women Legislators' Lobby (WiLL), has 300 plus members. At that time, few of us traveled the world and globalization was just beginning to change our economy.

One thing that has not changed is human nature. Then as now, unfounded accusations are used to call one's integrity into question. Then as now, any politician needs to work with others, and to represent its constituents properly, they must listen to many diverse opinions. Because the interests of their constituents will be in direct conflict with one another, they necessarily need to compromise. They must interact with others learning to win some and lose some.

The ease with which we communicate across continents allows even the farmers I met in the back waters of Kerala, India to follow American politics. We have a chance to show the world that democracy works, that we value a track record which includes standing up for and creating programs for women and children around the world.

We have the opportunity to show that we are still a land of opportunity. A in land which to quote what an Indian administrator said with pride, "A brown person can be elected president." We can show that we don't spew hate, but rather demonstrate that all, including women, can and must contribute .

The alternative is to demonstrate for the world that reality TV is more influential than reality, that we value Donald Trump's record of exploiting others to benefit himself, that we are committed to the worst human instincts to demonize others.

If one evaluates the track record of the two candidates they will find that neither one is perfect. However one has, indeed, served the public, and the other has served himself. Whether or not you believe she may have overstepped some bounds, one has used her charitable money to unequivocally do good, while the other bought a picture of himself. I urge you to vote for Hillary Clinton In this election, she has a track record of helping families, women, children, and men. She has the temperament to stand firm, to negotiate and to listen.

Join me in voting for the future of our country. Vote for Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States.