Hillary, Rove, and Electability -- the Real Numbers

NOTE: I'm the Clinton campaign's Internet Director

There's been lots of discussion in recent days about Hillary's poll numbers and I figured I'd share a batch of links that give perspective on where things stand:

http://www.galluppoll.com/content/?ci=28477 (Excerpt: "A review of Gallup poll data suggests that Hillary Clinton's current high unfavorable ratings are not unprecedented. Other candidates have had similarly high unfavorable ratings at various points in presidential election campaigns in previous years. Two of these candidates -- George W. Bush in 2004 and Bill Clinton in 1992 -- went on to win the election. Additionally, Rove's assumptions that Hillary Clinton's candidacy is "fatally flawed" run counter to the historical finding that candidates' images often change, sometimes dramatically, as the campaign progresses.")

http://www.mydd.com/story/2007/8/22/02050/6475 (Jonathan Singer discusses Markos's post about Hillary's strong showing in three red states. Excerpt: "Markos passes on some very interesting polling of registered voters in three Southern states -- one of which that hasn't voted Democratic since 1996, another that hasn't since 1976, and yet another that hasn't since 1964 -- that seriously calls into question the contention by some that Hillary Clinton is not electable in a general election.")

http://georgep.mydd.com/story/2007/8/22/12351/9500 (georgep at MyDD links to Gallup's latest national survey -- with video from Frank Newport analyzing the numbers)

And here's Hillary responding to Rove's attack:

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