Hillary Sings!

Hillary Sings!
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Liberals are swooning and conservatives fuming in the wake of Hillary Clinton's search for a campaign song. Senator Clinton, of course, chose "You and I" by Céline Dion, a sweeping pop melody about flying high among the clouds, which is probably why it also served as Air Canada's theme, but no matter. Air Canada will not be the next President of the United States, so they can sing it all the way to Guam in the back of coach for all anyone cares. "You and I" now belongs to Hillary, and by extension, to America.

Sorry, Canada -- you lose again.

Many observers were surprised that Hillary Clinton focused so hard on finding a campaign theme. But the Senator is no stranger to the music business, and has, over the past few years, laid down some serious cuts in the studio. So now, for the first time, you the American voter can enjoy the sometimes mellow, sometimes funky, always compelling sounds of Hillary Clinton in her new CD collection, "Rockin' Rodham: Another Side Of Hillary."

Included are:

"People Are Saps"

"I Say A Phony Prayer"

"Screwing Everyone But Me" (Duet with Bill)

"It Takes A Village To Bomb A City"

"Corporate Money (That's What I Want)"

"Triangulation Breakdown"

"Touched By A Black Person"

"AIPAC's All Right With Me"

"Fake My Way To The Top"

"Kill The Poor"

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Just Go Away"

"Cruise Missile Magic"

Also, there are many extras, including audio of HRC performing a free-form version of her Whitewater testimony on HBO's "Def Poetry Slam"! So don't wait for Inauguration Day to grab your copy -- send $18.99, plus $10 for shipping, handling, and the honor of owning this collection, to goddesshillary.com, and get ready to "get down" with the next president!

(All proceeds will go into a slush fund devoted to destroying the lives and reputations of people crazy enough to get in Hillary Clinton's way.)

Let's party like it's 1992!

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