Hillary's "3AM Experience" Ad vs. Her Lack of a National Security Clearance

Appearing on Sunday morning's
Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer
, Senator John Kerry was asked to address the question of Barack Obama's foreign policy crisis experience compared to Hillary Clinton's. This, of course, was prompted by

Here are the points he made about what the popular jargon calls the "red phone moments":

1. Hillary Clinton never had to answer the phone on a national security crisis at all.

2. She had her red phone moment on the Iraq War and got it wrong. 3. She had another red phone moment most recently on Iran. (He might have added that 5 years after her disastrous Iraq War Resolution vote, Hillary Clinton voted with Bush/Cheney on an Iran measure that could provide them a pretext for launching war against Iran. Not only was this another failed red phone moment,
she seems not to have learned her lesson
, or, perhaps may be she did not really mean it when she said she wanted her Iraq vote back.]

4. Barack Obama has more foreign policy experience than Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton had before they took office.

Wolf was without a comeback question.

But, there is an even larger question, not about Barack Obama's experience but Hillary's suggestion just by airing this ad is that she has had to answer the red phone in a real foreign policy crisis moment.

How could she? She never even had a national security clearance. Hence, not only could she not have been involved in national security discussions, she could not even have been in the room when they were being considered.

Why was it that Hillary Clinton did not have a national security clearance for the entire time she was in the White House? And, why do the media not ask Senator Clinton about that?

Finally, why does Wolf not ask the Clinton people why they are trying to mislead people about Hillary's red phone experience?