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Hillary's Blackberry and 2016

Humor me because you know that anyone over 50 knows that the trusty Blackberry with its keyboard makes life so much better.
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Humor me because you know that anyone over 50 knows that the trusty Blackberry with its keyboard makes life so much better. Yes, it is so and after a drink or two -- you can probably get folks to admit it. Because writing emails while typing on glass is horrendous for the generation that didn't grow up with it tucked in their crib. Remember, people that run companies and even countries aren't usually Millennials, their pacifier wasn't an iPhone, and they still have to write in real sentences beyond 140 characters. Yep, I know that's old school, but sometime you need more than an Instagram photo, and other times you really don't want a video -- think Benghazi. Figure it out; everyone knows that the iPhone isn't a great business device even though it is cool and fun. Realize Hillary's job wasn't about fun before the grandchild. She was so damn busy -- please don't ask her to do her job, deal with the arcane State Department email system, calm down Netanyahu, and type on glass too.

Yet nobody is talking about the deep, dark secrets of Blackberry mobile devices and security. Instead everyone is piling on Hillary -- Democrats and Republicans alike in an attempt to pulverize the former Secretary of State. You know it's becoming an ugly mess that could have been contained. All we needed was an uber geek parading out before the press last week talking encryption and keeping America safe for the Secretary. Dah, that's not very hard to do, and if done right away it might have changed the narrative. By the way, former Secretary of State Colin Powell's emails are gone because he made them go away and nobody is jumping him. Did you notice? So perhaps the real issue isn't whether Hillary used a Blackberry, a blueberry or a raspberry. Rather maybe this brew-ha-ha is all about the power of her candidacy and the mob-like mentality that has coalesced against that. Aha, is that the real truth? Because it just seems that there is too much juice spilling all over every which way -- note Senator Dianne Feinstein trying to sort of help, or even worse grumpy Maureen Dowd. One wonders what is really seething below the surface, and why no one, including the Secretary, isn't doing a better job of defending her honor. In a week that the GOP continues to sabotage U.S. foreign policy, this is indeed very disturbing to watch.

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