Hillary's Horoscope: Her Comeback Was in the Stars

Hillary is a Scorpio and Scorpio rules the instinct for survival. Scorpio also rules cockroaches. Did you ever try to spray or drown them?
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It should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton came out swinging after her defeat in Iowa. After all, it was in the stars: she is a Scorpio and Scorpio rules the instinct for survival. Scorpio also rules cockroaches. Did you ever try to spray or drown them? They can hold their breath and play dead until you walk out of the kitchen and turn out the light. Then they scurry away, laughing. Scorpios are loved and hated at the same time. Those who hate Hillary still respect her sheer chutzpah, and those who love her have to put up with the fact that she can be a nightmare to live with, especially if she gets a whiff of betrayal.

Back in the 90s when she was laughed out of Congress, her critics believed she was done for. You have to understand how Scorpios operate, however. And Hillary does operate. She operates like a nuclear-powered paper shredder. The whole Congress-health care fiasco was a disaster, partly because Scorpios do lack subtlety when they have a goal. They get fixated. They zero in. Hillary can't help it. She's an assertive female. (That's why Bill married her. He likes to get slapped around once in a while.) She is not the frilly-I-enjoy-being- a-girl type of woman. She's more like a girl's gym teacher; just fit her out with a whistle and a pair of sneakers and she'd be ready to dribble a basketball. That image makes it easy for her detractors to cast aspersions on her sexuality.

So when she busted into the Senate with six-guns blazing, the Old Boys snickered and thought they could just send her back to the kitchen. Scorpio women are not just women, though.

Hillary backed away. In typical Scorpio fashion, she went into Plan B. Scorpios always have not only Plan B, but they usually have it figured out all the way up to Plan Z. She probably figured, well, if she couldn't convince those old buzzards to do what she thought was right, she would just have to take over the whole shebang.

Many women in the United States were left growling over the Monica Lewinsky affair. They thought that instead of crying right wing conspiracy and standing by her man, she should have tossed Bill out on his royal Leo butt. Not the Scorpio way. When you betray Scorpios, they don't challenge you to a duel at dawn on CBS. They wait.

Hilary won't resort to stuffing penicillin into your toothpaste tube when you're horribly allergic. She's more evolved than that, whose version of revenge is smoother, cooler and sweeter. Hillary has a higher agenda to help her survive the worst bites, kicks, slaps and cuts. She knows she would rise up again in a brand new incarnation to make her betrayer serve her needs.

Is she on a power trip? Be real. Why else would she subject herself to the pit bull attacks waiting in the political arena? Power, yes, but also this: When situations are dire, enterprises failing, businesses stalling, empires falling and extinction is right around the corner, Scorpios get turned on. Only they can walk right down into the Valley of the Lepers with bagels and cream cheese and think nothing of it. Grandiose or not, Hillary believes she can turn the current mess around.

Love her and hate her, you've got to admit she's one of the ballsiest gals ever to ride her bike no hands down Pennsylvania Avenue. Either that or she's plumb out of her cotton pickin' mind.

Some will vote for her just because she's a woman. Many will NOT for the same reason. In the end, foreign or domestic policies notwithstanding, Scorpio always turns out to be an issue of gender.

Stay tuned.

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