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Hillary's Plan To Elect McCain And A Right Wing Supreme Court

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As a columnist for The Hill newspaper who is
in regular contact with major superdelegates
in Congress, let me explain why there is near
panic among the supers which I predict will
lead to a major move to Obama fairly soon.

Setting aside motive for now, there is one
mathematically provable and irrefutable
impact of the campaign of personal destruction
that Hillary Clinton is waging against Barack
Obama. It is this: the road of her campaign
leads to helping to elect McCain and hurt every
Democrat on every ballot throughout America.

Here is why. What Clinton is doing, which I
believe is deliberate but in any event is
happening, is to seek to drive as many of
her supporters to McCain in a general election.

The best example is her false and destructive
claim that she and McCain are qualified to be
President and Obama is not. There are other
spurious and malicious attacks from Hillary
that readers are aware of, which need not be
repeated here, which all have the same impact.

From the point of view of superdelagates, and
especially elected officials and supers who want Democrats elected and
not defeated,
here is how it look and why they will make
their move for Barack sooner than pundits

Hillary's negative attacks have some short
term impact that do not help her against
Barack, but do hurt Barack short term against
McCain. Hillary may be running the only
negative campaign in Democratic political history aimed to persuade her
own voters to support a Republican in a general against
her Democratic opponents.

In this Hillary scheme, if Barack is nominated
some of her supporters would theoretically
support McCain or stay home. Similary, as
Obama supporters become (correctly) enraged
by Hillary's campaign of personal destruction
against the candidate (Barack) with the most
elected delegates and popular votes, Obama
supporters become so embittered by Hillary
that a number of them would stay home with
Hillary as nominee.

In Hillary's scheme, no matter who is nominated,
there would be Democratic and independent
voters who have Democratic-leaning views would stay home which hurts all
Democratic candidates.

If a Democratic voter or Democratic-leaning
independent stays home because of the Hillary
onslaught of personal destruction aimed against
the Democrat who
is winning, those stay-home voters by definition do not vote, either,
for the member of the House or Senate, or Governor, or alderman
running as a Democrat.

My personal opinion is that Hillary would
rather elect a one term Republican of advanced
age than a two term young Democratic leader
as president. Of course the corollary of the
Hillary scheme is that a President McCain
would give America the most anti-woman,
anti-worker, anti-environmnent Supreme
Court in history. But that is not Hillary's concern in her campaign of
personal attack
and destruction.

Even if this is not Hillary's intent, this is the
inevitable, mathematically irrefutable result
of Hillary's campaign as she is running it.

Privately, the superdelegates can do the
math, and while many lack the courage of
conviction and common sense to stand
against this, they know it is true.

For these reasons, the supers are in a stone
cold panic and will make their move to end
this, sooner than pundits expect.

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