Hillary's Popular Vote Notion only 'Popular' with the Punditocracy

It is incomprehensible to me that Mrs. Clinton can seriously be touting the
notion, with the support of the punditocracy of CNN and Fox, that she is
leading in the popular vote and should therefore be seriously considered as the
most electable candidate in the November election. She's including those who
voted for her in Florida and Michigan's name recognition ballot saying that to
exclude them would be to disenfranchise them. What about the Democrats in
Alaska, American Samoa, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico,
North Dakota, Nebraska, Washington, Hawaii and Wyoming who did not cast
ballots because they were playing by the pledged delegates playbook and voted
by caucus. What about them? Certainly if the rules are going to be changed and
judgment is based on the 'popular' vote those voters in the eleven caucus
states and Samoa will be disenfranchised. What about them?

And what about
us? What about the American people? Haven't we had enough of Mrs.
Clinton's mad antics in her pursuit of the realization of venal personal
ambition; her 'say anything, do anything, no matter what' effort to manipulate
our all too willing media to gull this country's populace into believing that her
wretched illegitimacy is indeed legitimate. How much mendacity do we have to
suffer, how much brazenness do we have to swallow before someone, anyone,
has the decency, the common sense, to relieve us of this terrible trifle, this
pathetic madness?