Hillary's Pro-TPP True Colors Leak Out in Democratic Platform

I've predicted twice already that Hillary's "opposition" to the awful Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would melt away if elected. She's supported this sort of stuff for decades; it's in her inmost political DNA to do it and she's faked and repudiated opposition before.

But I certainly can't claim to have predicted it would melt even before the election. I take Ms. Clinton for cynical, but smart enough to lie plausibly. (Unlike, say, The Ego, who seems to rely on not being wholly believed, but forgiven for telling what everyone tacitly understands are essentially political "fish stories" and thus under no actual obligation to be true.)

But believe it or not, this is what seems to have happened.

The Democratic Platform Committee - which is, of course, essentially her poodle on something like this - has refused to condemn the TPP in its party platform. It has instead inserted anodyne waffling language that leaves plenty of room to enact TPP if Clinton is elected:

On the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), there are a diversity of views in the party. Many Democrats are on record stating that the agreement does not meet the standards set out in this platform; other Democrats have expressed support for the agreement.

Progressives seem to be livid. I share their disgust. But at least we know where we're really headed now if we elect Hillary.

If I were Bernie Sanders, I would withdraw my endorsement of her over this.