Hillary's Superdelegate Coup Just Confirms to Millennials: The System Is Rigged

Welcome to New Hampshire state road sign
Welcome to New Hampshire state road sign
I try to imagine what life must look like to a Millennial voter. If you were are between the ages of 18-29, in your reality:
  • Marijuana has always been medical;
  • Gay people have always been positively portrayed on TV;
  • We've always been at war in the Middle East;
  • The economy collapsed somewhere between fifth grade and college; and
  • No one you know can afford college or you're in mountains of debt from having attended.

So it's no surprise that Bernie Sanders is crushing Hillary Clinton among the Millennial voters. She still thinks medical marijuana needs more research; only supported gay marriage three years ago; supported all the Mid-East wars and would engage more; takes $675,000 from the criminal banksters because "that's what they offered"; and thinks a reasonable college affordability plan is one where students work 10 hours a week and parents pay "what they can".

But I wonder what kind of surprise awaits the Millennial voter the more he or she sees the results of their hard work canvassing for voters to Feel the Bern.

First, in Iowa, they battle for a statistical tie, with just a quarter-percent of the vote between Hillary and Bernie. So, naturally, the delegates from Iowa are divided fairly. Bernie gets 21 delegates and Hillary gets... 29?

Next, in New Hampshire, Bernie demolishes Hillary in a 22-point landslide victory. So, naturally, the delegates from New Hampshire are divided fairly. Bernie gets 15 delegates and Hillary gets... 15?

What is this strange world where a Bernie tie is an 8-delegate loss and a Bernie landslide is a tie? That's when our intrepid Millennials start Googling and learn all about Marvel's Democratic Superdelegates! (Just kidding; Marvel's heroes are better-looking.)

What they learn is that there are 4,763 delegates who pick the Democratic nominee for president. But roughly 15 percent of them are Superdelegates (712 to be exact) who are the Democratic elected officials and party bigwigs. Regular delegates are split according to popular vote, but Superdelegates can vote for anybody they wish (that's their super power).

Hillary, being the Queen Democratic Bigwig, has amassed quite a collection of these other bigwigs pledging to vote for her (355 to be exact). With some quick Excel work, Millennials figure out that Hillary already had 14.9 percent of the votes she needed to get the nomination before the first caucus was ever tallied in Iowa.

Then they plug in a few more formulas and learn that in New Hampshire, it took convincing 60,631 voters to choose Bernie to match the choice of Gov. Maggie Hassan, Rep. Ann Kuster, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, and three Democratic National Committee cronies for Hillary.

In other words, one vote from these one-percenters for the Wall Street candidate is worth 10,105 votes from the 99-percenters for the Democratic Socialist candidate. Unfortunately, one-man-one-vote only applies to actual federal elections, not party primary processes.

The more the Millennials (and my people, Gen-X) learn about this, the more convinced they will be that the system is rigged and the current crop of establishment Democrats want to keep it that way. That leads to more popular votes and mortal delegates for Bernie and forces Superdelegates to re-evaluate whether they want to go against the people or go against the Clinton Dynasty.

So while Hillary Clinton leads right now 394-42 over Bernie Sanders in total delegates, Bernie leads Hillary 36-32 in those delegates chosen by the people. Even in that total, Hillary got 2 more delegates in the Iowa tie somehow.

The more the Millennials learn, the more they'll Feel the Bern.