Hillary's 'Testicular Fortitude' Touted During Clinton Rally

Hillary's 'Testicular Fortitude' Touted During Clinton Rally

Hillary Clinton took some heat yesterday from gay rights groups when her top surrogate in North Carolina said she made Rocky Balboa look like a "pansy." Well, she's likely to hear from feminists after a labor leader, introducing her at a rally today, said the nation needed a leader "that has testicular fortitude":

While defending Bill Clinton's role in the passage of NAFTA, Paul Gipson, president of a steelworkers local, said that union members need to look forward, and support a leader who can work to amend and improve provisions in the trade agreement.

"I truly believe that that's going to take an individual that has testicular fortitude," he said. "That's exactly right. That's what we gotta have."

Clinton, standing behind Gipson, smiled sheepishly before breaking into a nervous laugh. Gipson continued by slamming unnamed "Gucci-wearing, latte-drinking, self-centered, egotistical people that have damaged our lifestyle," before endorsing and introducing Clinton.

We wonder whether the "Gucci-wearing, latte-drinking, self-centered, egotistical people" will be up in arms as well.

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