Hillsboro, OR, Police Department Releases Satirical Video To Recruit New Chief (VIDEO)

The town of Hillsboro, OR, is causing quite a stir after its police department released an over-the-top, satirical video to recruit a new police chief.

On HuffPost Live Friday, the director of the video, Brett Eichenberger, and police department spokesperson Lt. Michael Rouches joined to discuss why they felt making the video entertaining was the right way to attract police chief applicants.

"We tried to express our authenticity and our caring for the public, but also that we're not badge heavy and we don't take ourselves that seriously, but we take our jobs seriously," Rouches said, adding that they felt the approach also helped reflect the culture of Hillsboro as a community.

Rouches said he and others from the department met with Eichenberger and decided to produce a video that was "Parks and Recreation" meets "Law and Order." With the exception of two actors, the rest of the video is made up entirely of members of the police department.

While the video has some critics, Rouches said the reaction has been positive overall and that the attention it has received has justified the approximately $9,000 spent from the city's marketing budget.

"The residents feel it was generally extremely well spent, not just to look for a chief, but to let people know what our city is all about," he said.


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